bObsweep’s alarm codes (error/trouble numbers)

If you are a Bobsweep PetHair owner, please watch this video for Bob’s trouble numbers:

bObsweep calls for help when he feels that something is wrong. You see an error sign on his screen and hear a short “beep” every 60 seconds (Bob also beeps if he is left “ON” for several minutes while he is neither working nor being charged; this doesn’t indicate an error–just a reminder to either turn him “OFF”, put him to work, or to charge). Here are the events at which bObsweep needs your help and what you should do in case of each to help bOb :

2 thoughts on “bObsweep’s alarm codes (error/trouble numbers)

  1. i have bob sweep pet friendly and i get a trouble 04 i watch the video and cleaned the sensors that did not fix the problem also it will not clean the rug it seem to be to thick for the bob but it not a thick rug

    • Hi there!
      The issue with Trouble NR 4 does not have to do with your rug’s thickness; it is the dark color of your rug that resembles an edge for Bob. Please look inside Bob’s box for a pack of Bob’s “blindfold stickers”. If your bObsweep stops on your carpet with Error 4 (or Trouble Nr 4), stick these stickers horizontally on all the four IR sensors so that they are fully covered. Make sure Bob does not get close to an edge of stairs while having these stickers on or he can fall.

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